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Harp Regulation and Maintenance Service

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Peter Wiley featured on the front cover of July/Aug 2005 Harp Column
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"Self-proclaimed Harp Doctor Peter Wiley loves a challenge. Diagnosing, troubleshooting, and keeping harps in tip-top shape for harpists around the globe is his specialty. Now on his own after working for years as Lyon and Healy's master harp regulator, Wiley talks about his behind-the-scenes job as one of the harp world's most valuable players." [Kimberly Rowe, Harp Column July/Aug 2005]

Starting as a trunk maker in 1984 Peter Wiley has worked in all aspects of Lyon and Healy's production department. In 1986 he moved on to the Regulation department where he trained under Master Regulators Reggie Dzieman and Ed Galchick. From manufacturing many of the harp's mechanical parts to acutally doing the assembly, Peter has done it all.

As a journeyman regulator in 1988, Peter began traveling and managing the newly established Lyon and Healy Road Service Program which Ed Galchick had begun. By 1994 he had earned the rare title of Master Harp Regulator. In 1995 he became Chief Harp Technician and in 1999 was named Final Production Manager

In 2005 after twenty years of employment Peter resigned from Lyon & Healy to start Harp Doc LLC. Now working freelance Peter's company is based from his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Peter's regular clients have included:

Chicago Symphony
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Houston Symphony Orchestra
Houston Grand Opera
Los Angeles Opera
Milwaukee Symphony
Philadelphia Symphony
Pittsburgh Symphony
Santa Fe Opera
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Seoul Philoharmonic Orchestra
Toronto Symphony

Peter has done regulation work for:
Sydney Symphony, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, National Symphony of China, Australian Royal Opera, Metropolitan Opera, Utah Symphony, Orchestra du Montreal, Vancouver Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, Vancouver Opera and Ballet, Haifa Symphony, Busan Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic, Cincinnati Symphony, Philharmonic Orchestra of China, Jerusalem Symphony, Milwaukee Opera and Ballet, Be'er Sheva Symphony, Guangzhou Symphony, Detroit Symphony, KBS Orchestra (Korea), Melbourne Symphony, Hong Kong Philharmonic, National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Tucson Symphony, Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Universities and Conservatories:
Curtis School of Music
Cleveland Institute of Music
Eastman School of Music
Indiana University School of Music
The Julliard School
McGill University, Montreal
Rice University
Oberlin Conservatory
Temple University
Toronto University, Faculty of Music
University of Arizona School of Music
University of Southern California

Competitions: providing technical support,preparing competition instruments
American Harp Society:2003, 2005
Ann Adams Awards:2003
Israel International Harp Competition: 1992, 1998
Lyon & Healy Harpfest International Jazz and Pop Harp Festival: 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999
USA International Harp Competition: 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004

Guest Speaker:
American Harp Society Chapters: Pittsburgh, Houston, Seattle
American Harp Society National Conference: 1989 Chicago, 1992 San Antonio
Eastman School of Music
Harpfest International Jazz and Pop Festival
Indiana University
The Julliard School
Kunitachi University, Tokyo
Lyon & Healy Teacher Conference 2003, 2004
Matsuo Music, Tokyo
National Conservatory of Music, Canberra Australia
University of Arizona
Queensland Conservatory, Brisbane
Seoul Korea, Harpy Day Studio
Sylvia Woods Harpcenter (harpcenter.com)
World Harp Congress: 1995 Tacoma, 2005 Dublin
....dozens of harp gatherings