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Peter Q Wiley

Master Harp Technician
Harp Regulation and Maintenance Service

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"My goal is to provide you with peace of mind. Knowing your harp is being cared for by a professional gives you confidence in your harp playing."

Peter Wiley regulating a harp
Photo by Peggy Abrams

TUNING Techniques

Have you ever met a harpist who loves to tune their harp? Probably not. Many harpists spend most of their time playing the instrument, and much less time understanding the mechanics of tuning. Consequently, when common tuning issues arise, many harpists mistake them for problems with the regulation on their harp. The Harp Doctor dispels some frequent tuning myths gives you tuning tips to help you get your harp in tune and stay in tune. Read full article

Complete RESTRINGING Procedure

Completely restringing a harp sounds like a daunting task. Learn The Harp Doc method.