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Harp Links

General Resources:
Harp Spectrum http://www.harpspectrum.org/index.shtml

Harp Manufacturers Websites:
Lyon & Healy Harp http://www.lyonhealy.com
Salvi Harps http://www.salviharps.it/index.pl?lang=en

Online Shopping: Strings, Music, Harps and Accesories:
Sylvia Woods Harp Center http://www.harpcenter.com/
Melody's Traditional Music http://www.folkharp.com/
Harp Connection http://www.harpconnection.com/
Harp Haven http://www.harphaven.com/
Vanderbilt Music http://www.vanderbiltmusic.com/
Lyon & Healy West http://www.harp.com/
Virginia Harp Center http://www.vaharpcenter.com/
Harps, ETC http://www.harpsetc.com

note ALL of the Online Shopping sites above sell both Lever and Pedal Harps from a variety of manufacturers. I encourage you to call these professionals and speak with them directly when shopping for a new harp.

American Harp Society http://www.harpsociety.org/
World Harp Congress http://www.worldharpcongress.org/
International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsman http://www.folkharpsociety.org/
Trade Publications:
The Harp Column http://www.harpcolumn.com
Video Links
How to change a wire string
How to change a gut or nylon string- Sylvia Woods
Tying the knot in a harp string-Sylvia Woods
Harp Care with Steve Moss. I suggest all new harpists actually purchase the DVD. It has more complete information than the YouTube videos. Other videos by Steve Moss
Lyon & Healy Harp videos
Salvi factory tour (in Italian)
What is a Harp-factory footage sponsored by the Salvi Museum